Telios Vemarre

Eldest son of House Vemarre


Like all of the Vemarre men, Telios is tall (about 6’3"). He is a medium build and always is dressed in the finest attire. He carries a long, ebony wood cane with a silver knob for a handle. He does not need it to walk, but likes the aesthetic. He has platinum blonde hair and dark blue, almost black eyes. His face is beautiful and perfectly smooth except for one scar on his bottom lip.


Born and raised as the first son of a prominent noble household of Il’Valiran, Telios is no stranger to privilege. He inherited his father’s distaste for other races and treats servants like animals. He manages to hide his hatred for humans, dwarves and half-breeds well in social circles and is the epitome of charm and class. Telios is next in line to be the Patriarch of the Vemarre family and is well schooled in his family’s businesses and connections across the country.

When he is not doing his father’s bidding or managing the family affairs, he enjoys “slumming it” with lesser born women in brothels and taverns as well as taking his pleasure from some of the household servant girls. Telios has a notoriously fiery temper and when he does not get his way he becomes violent very quickly. The servants avoid him like the plague so they do not get beaten when he is in one of his moods. He also has some business ventures independent from the family. He keeps these secret for a reason.

Telios Vemarre

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