Anastrianna Teinithra

With my rapier and magic with me, I won't go down that easily


A 5’ 9’’ beaut that has fair skin that perfectly complements her forest green eyes and sun-kissed blonde hair.Her body is well-tone and her movements graceful. Even though she is 120 years old, she still has a child-like wonder to the world around her. Unlike other elves she doesn’t look down on most races in fact she is logical and see how they would be mad at her kind, but never holding it against them She is a sucker for the unknown and loves to experience things herself (something that has gotten her in trouble more then a couple of times).


Anastrianna came from the beautiful island of the Odyre Dynasty. She was the middle child of three kids. Her parents were loving and caring but knew that the Bladesinger were needing more people to refill after the Screaming War. So once Ana started to show promise in the magic arts at the age of 6, her parents gave her up to her Master Alisaie Leveilleur the master of the Cheetah family. A style made with the idea of mobility. She came up with it after watching the Tabaxi fight. Ana mother and father would visit her when they could, but being adventurers themselves that meant the visits were few and far, but with her training and the other pupils her time there never felt lonely. After turning 116 she was given her cheetah tattoo to commemorate her completion of her training she headed of to the place she only read about in books and make a mark for herself as a hero she always dreamed of.

Anastrianna Teinithra

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