Lost in a jar!

Afloat at the edge of consciousness and reason, the wispy soul of Magni, seeing with out eyes, witnessed his very still body placed upon the stone table. The raven haired woman, so easily carrying his massive form, as if he weighed but that of a feather. Magni was confined to this glass jar, which she placed high on a shelf, so he could look down upon his soulless husk. Behind the lady, stood the shadow skinned man, leaning confidently against the wall. With as wry grin on his face, he turn to the woman, his voice full of mirth. “My dear Evelina, why do you torture this man so, is not the book what you truly wanted?”

Spiteful eyes stabbed forth from Evelina’s beautiful face, as this man dared to speak to her in such a disrespectful nature. She looked at the rogue, this Wailan, and her voice, icy cold like tendrals of deadly glacier, spoke. “Not that it is any of your concern, human. But, this man will forever be my trophy. He was a champion of my sister. And now, Selova will see her champion become my tool, and destroy all she holds dear. Other than that, I care not a lick about this vessel of flesh, or the ones he traveled with.”

Walian’s eyebrow raised slightly, his grin widening in amusement, realizing that his lack of respect was indeed disturbing the so-called goddess. “So petty you have become, having been banished into the Shadowfell for how long? No matter, I guess time is not important to one such as you. But please remember my dear goddess, that you came to me for help and not the other way around. And though, I did gain my freedom from the world of shadows in aiding you, I owe you no allegiance. Your spiteful words and arrogant tone do not frighten me in the least, and in fact, as you can see, only serve as entertainment. As does the way you belittle yourself in acting on an impulsive since of revenge.” his voice, mirthful and slightly condescending as he spoke.

Rage exploded across Evelina’s face, an ire from the smoky tentacles of hell fire dancing in her eye. “HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME IN SUCH A TONE.” her voice shrill and echoing, rising to the pitch of a harpy. "I will utterly destroy you. I will cast you int. . . .

Laughter cut her off, Wailan’s expression never changing. "Stop your bantering and nonsensical foolishness. If you could destroy me, you would have done so along time ago. But you know you can’t. I may not have the power of a “goddess or god”, but you know my curse. Should you strike me down now, I would awaken tomorrow, fully healed. I cannot not die. You could, as you said, utterly destroy me to nothingness, and yet, tomorrow I would still be here, to mock you and laugh in your face. So pretend not to me, as you know I care not." Wailan’s grin finally straightened, a look of seriousness on his face, as he looked down on Magni’s body. "Go from this place and take your book. But, I will keep this priest. He is not yours and was never yours to begin with. And before you protest, remember who is my true “master”. But before you go, I will once again implore you. Put aside your petty grievances. Go, and find your sister and work with her. I know in your full headed way, you wish to turn the devastation that will soon visit this land into personal gain. You believe that with that book and your godly might, you can defeat this spreading darkness, and in doing so, will rule across the land as the highest of all deities. But, I warn you, it will not be enough, and if you choose to go at it alone, you will be wiped from existence."

A long silence lingered in the room, before the raven haired mistress, without warning, became a cloud of swarming crows, and flew out of the hovel, into the night sky. Wailan sighed, his expression suddenly crest fallen. He had tried, he knew, but he knew that that one would always be on her own chosen path of self destruction. After a moment of internal reflection, he stood from the wall, and strolled to a chair beside the stone table where Magni lay. Sitting, he stared not at the body, but past it, to the jar on the shelf.

“You know Magni, I am not a goodly person. In fact, I am probably irredeemable. But, for one moment in my life, millennia ago, I was, kind of a hero. I mean, even back then, I was a rotten scoundrel. I murdered and did unspeakable things. And for those crimes, I was captured, and sent to the darkest, most vile prison one could imagine. But, in route to that prison, I was intercepted by a group of adventurers. Off to fight a great evil that had fallen upon that prison. I planned to fall in to the group long enough to trick them, maybe slit their throats and escape in the night. But before I knew it, I had fought the wicked evil in the prison, and set off on other adventures. Always in my mind I would say, I will kill this lot and be away in the morning. But, always I would find myself waking the next morning, strapping on my gear, and onward to glory. Eventually, I no longer wanted to leave. And as more time went by, I started to care for what happened to them. And so, there I found myself, one dark day, trying to stop the catastrophe that would throw my world into chaos. I stood beside. . . .my friends. Faladren, the bravest and deadliest elven ranger. Hawk, a fighter with noble intent, but dark past. Zombie, my true friend, a man so tough he had been struck with so many weapons, that his gnarled form did resemble his namesake. And countless others. We fought, and many of us died. We failed. I was among the dead. But, so dark was the powers, that I was driven not to the afterlife, but to the Shadowfell, where I found that should I die again, I would be awaken again. I was trapped there for eternity. I found service, because of my unique abilities, as an assassin of sorts, but one under the employ for the grandest of beings. I would be summoned from the shadows to do a “service” and when my contract was up, banished back into the world of shadows. Evelina, came to me, and offered me my freedom. If I would help her do one simple task, and retrieve the book. So, I agreed, and since the task is complete, and I am still here, I believe that I have finally escaped the realm."

Wailan sighed, leaning back, before he continued. “Listen to me, I look young, but must be truly old to fall into such rambling. The reason I tell you this is, so you know. What is coming will be huge, and you must be strong of heart and character to survive. But you must also rely on your friends, because unlike Evelina, you and I both know that we are strongest when those around us raise us up and we do the same for them. Anyway, I wish I could help you now. Unfortunately, I do not have the godly powers to return your soul to your body. But, I do have a gift, something I took quietly and you will have to return to your tiefling friend. Goodluck.”

Wailan winked, setting down a leather travel pouch on Magni’s body, before turning and striding out the door. A little meow sounded, and a tiny kittens head poked from the pouch.


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