On the Ancient History of the Well

There are a variety of religious texts that describe the nature of the Well, source of life and vast amounts of magical energy. Through many years of research and study, I have uncovered many ancient texts that lead to the distinct version of history, I am about to discuss. This may prove controversial to some, but it is my duty as Master Sage and Royal adviser to the king to reveal these secrets.

Having discovered within the ancient catacombs below Il’Valiran, a text that describes the worshipping of several gods, I was able to make a simple translation thusly. The language of the text is of a far mor ancient Elvin Dialect, so the translation may seem distinct and dry, as the complecity of the language was harder to grasp. Here are my initial Findings.

First, I shall outline a brief telling of the History of the well, before delving deeper into the more distinct aspects of the matter. Hundreds of Thousands of years ago, our land was devoid of what we will call intelligent life. There were animals and vicious beasts, but for our free thinking societal beings, none would be found. And then, as many children can tell you, the Well emerged in the blink of an eye. Spreading magical energy and across the lands, and creating all intelligent life as we know it. Now, this is the answer we are told to work with by the Priests of the Well, and we should not question further. We are told that the Well just happened, it created all life, and then it vanished. It is not as simple as that, as I will now explain.

When the formed, two beings emerged in that moment it came into existence. These two beings were the first goddess sisters, named Retra, emerald eyes, skin as white as snow and hair sparkling with sunlight and Odyre, blood crimson eyes, dark luscious ebony skin and silky white hair. These twins were immaculate beings, who flowed with magical energy, and were able to use the Wells power to create wonderful things. They started to build a world for themselves. Retra started by asking the Well, and using its power to create creatures in their own image. The well abided, giving Retra the power and the first of the Elves were created. 8 elves, 4 Male and 4 Female. The men were given the name as Undar, Trevalion, Grelius, and Reyanto, and the females were blessed Tressia, Hesha, Ranayla, and Esprite. Born of the well, these Elves were also innately magical and had abilities and started helping Retra to spread life upon the world. From these eight the elven race was created.

Retra and Odyre were loving sisters but, were also completely competitive. Odyre, seeing her sister’s creations, wanted some of her own. Using the blood of dragons, she chose to outshine her sister, and using the Wells magical energy, she created a race of born from the blood of dragons, and the Dragon born were created. Again 4 male and 4 female, the men being Trouroth, Bhabur, Vornaar, and Pazavur, and the females being Soqwen, Minys, Jesthaya, and Bibis. Again, born of the well, these creatures had the Well’s power inside of them. From these eight the Dragonborn race was created.
Retra applauded her sisters creations, as the dragon born were strong workers, and were able to use the many elemental powers to help shape the world. But, as time went by, she realized that more help was needed, and she again went to the Well, and asking for more help, the Well, sensing her intent, created the stout Dwarves. 8 again, half men, have woman. Stuldar, Bertyl, Stav, and Karseak being the men, and Fosgritain, Nanweakara, Thafrohilde, and Metra, the woman. The strong stout creatures were good with the stone, and were eventually able to create mountains at a whim. From these eight the Dwarven race was created.

Odyre, started filling pangs of jealousy, sought to outdo her sister. And using the blood of wild beasts, and her intentions of a quiet jealous rage, she went to create her champions of the earth. The orcs were born. Ogrul, Yukha, Buomaug, and Kertug being the men, and the females Homraz, Shagdub, Glasha, and Atub. These creatures were born from the jealousy in Odyre’s heart, and thus they wanted more and were prone to violent outburst. From these eight the Orc race was created.
Retra, not knowing that her sisters competitive nature had turned to outraged jealousy, sought to improve her creations, and to do so, she believed there need to be knowledge in the world. She turned to the well, and with asking for knowledge, the Well lent her it’s magic, and the Gnomes were born. Rasziver, Bilwin, Uridri, and Sincorin, the men, and the women were, Lilkini, RosaQaryn, Sayaris, and Galhani. These wonderful being was full of intelligence and used it to create wonderful items. From these eight the Gnome race was created.

Again, jealous and not to be outdone, Odyre, went to the Well, and demanded of the Well, for life to be born. The Well, sensing her heart, created the vile Goblins, who came into this world as vile creatures, twisted and cruel. They were not given names, as Odyre immediately despised what had been created. From these eight the Goblin race was created.

Retra was told of her sister’s deeds and had started to notice her sister’s motivations, and worried that her plans for the world would be upset, she went to the Well, to create a versatile creature, one who would represent all of the aspects or her former creations. And thus, the humans were born. Geruntis, Giradin, Lovelm and Otelin, the men. Selova, Gele, Evelina, and Melissent, the women. From these eight the Human race was created. But, along with the humans, another versatile race was born, the Halflings. The first of them were known as Theuderic, Merobaudes, Iolo, and Tassilo, the men. And the women were, Lavinia, Rotrode, Keena, and Adaltrude. From these eight the Halfling race was created.

Odyre was furious, and using the blood of one of the human “creatures”, she went to the well to create an even stronger one, mixed with the blood of demons. The creatures to come forth were the Tieflings. The names of which, I have been unable to find, except for one, Fremest. From these eight the Tiefling race was created.

Odyres’ rage could hold back no more, and she sent forth her creations to wreak ruin and havoc upon her sisters creations. This began the War of the Well.

Not much can be discovered about this war. The details are very sketchy. It is only known that, Odyres’ rage and anger was her downfall. It has been written that, the Dragonborn abandoned her cause first, as they were creature of honor and could see her hateful ways. It wasn’t long before the Tieflings abandoned her, foreseeing the end and fled to side with the Dragonborn. The Orcs left her side almost immediately, not to join any side, but to flee to the mountains and wait, ready to pounce on the weakened victor and gain all they had. The goblins had also fled.

It was not as cut and dry as it sounds. There were many humans, elves, Halflings, and dwarves who joined Odyres’ side, as the same with the other races and Retra’s side. But, in the end, Odyre was defeated, and her sister, seeing the destruction that her sister had wrought, banished her sister, sending her into the west across the great ocean, with the betrayer children of the well( who we now call the betrayer gods), never to heard from her again. Retra, saddened by the events disappeared, only to be whispered about and eventually to be worshipped as a goddess, but never to be heard from again.

That is the history as I have discovered it.

On the Ancient History of the Well

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