Yuri Drakenveil

The Betrayer


Tall, Dark, Mysterious.
Yuri stands about 5’11 his hair is thick, long black hair kept in a ponytail. His eyes are a soft orange color, they calm the soul to look into. Both of his ears are pierced and have small golden earrings in them. His skin is tanned from being in the sun most of the time and scarred head to toe. His voice is mostly soft and soothing, a talented man at talking his way out of trouble.

The years of fighting can be seen all over his body. Past all the leather and fur armor you can see patches of his skin, most covered in scars. His armor more south eastern style, bones are even incorporated along the back of the armor to further strengthen it.

He constantly leaves a free hand open when fighting and has a demons face mask to cover his lower face during battle.


Yuri was at one time a simple man. He was baker and a cook for a local tavern in a small village to the south-east. He took pride in his cooking and loved making the people of his village smile every day. Nothing came between him and his passion for many years. Until the day his life changed from a plain ol’ cook. To the hero of his village.

The village came under attack by a Chimera. A three headed monster of terror that tore through the village and killed anyone that got in its way, dragging the bodies away that it didn’t eat in the middle of the streets. Yuri took a stand against the monster, his first attempt nearly costed him his life. He learned quickly from his mistake and once healed, set off to hunt the beast down. However he was not alone. The local priestess and his childhood friend Philiffy, demanded to go with him. Never being able to talk Phi down from when her mind was set was something Yuri didn’t like to challenge. He agreed to her accompanying him so long as she stayed out of harms way when it came to the battle of the beast.

They tracked the beast for a couple days slowly closing in on its lair. There they fought the chimera. Yuri was brutally injured during the fight with the beast. But with the saving words of prayer from Phi. He conquered the challenge of the beast and slayed it. He took the three heads back to the village, covered in blood and bruises. He was greeted as a hero and soon that title stuck with him. For many years Yuri and Philiffy were considered the heroes of the village. Over time he married Phi and they lived in peace and happiness. But, life had a different course for Yuri.

Yuri had left home to go to the capital for trading. None of the merchants that Yuri normally traded with had come through town in weeks and he was out of supplies for the tavern. He was gone for weeks. Upon his return it was a nightmare. The entire village was burnt to the ground. The villages gathered in the square and burned alive or hung out for display. Solider from the capital were investigating the destruction when Yuri came up. He was not greeted with questions but with the tips of sword blades. Apparently there were survivors and the person that they had said did this destruction was Yuri! He tried to explain himself but the soldiers would have no words from him, soon he was forced to fight them off. He had to prove he was innocent in this and above that check on Phi. After the fight Yuri ran to his home. Ash and rubble. He searched and found nothing. Soon he checked the church, that is where he found his beloved wife. Her burnt body protecting the burnt bodies of children. They were locked in the church as it burned. Yuri, broken and betrayed by someone fled. He had no where to go and no idea where to start looking for answers. He was no warrior, he needed to be one. No one here would help him once the news spread. Backed into a corner he had only one choice, head further east to the region of Osmandias seek out someone to train him properly as a warrior then return to the Esperian Kingdom and hunt down whatever stole his life from him and find out why.

Yuri Drakenveil

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