Varius Torakiir

An Aasimar to conquer the heavens themselves.


A striking figure with pale, silver skin contrasting to his long raven black hair and piercing blue eyes. Varius stands 6 feet tall and is rather muscular as far as human standards go. He keeps a dignified appearance at all times, be it in the heat of battle or simply wandering between towns. His facial features are fairly angular, but with a strange, supernatural grace to them, no doubt from his angelic heritage.


The only son of an Aasimar and a Valkirie, I was born into this world destined for some grand ideal. Never one to be bound to one place, and my mother returning to the heavens, my father left me in the care of his sister as he traveled the world looking for treasures. Though abandoned by both parents, my Aunt had a sizable house and I lived a comfortable, normal life.

War, however, ravaged my homeland while I was growing up. Fighting was the only life I ever knew, thus I enlisted in the army. While enlisted, I was given a vision of an unfulfilled holy quest left by one of my ancestors and took up the mantle of a Paladin to finish what they had started. These visions were boons granted by an Angelic Guide, Myllandra, who watched over me. She was lighthearted, but always practical in her advice and approach to situations.

After an agonizing defeat, where her advice failed me and the majority of my company was eradicated, I began to second guess everything she told me. Eventually the rift between myself and the celestial began to widen to the point where I no longer heard Myllandra’s words, no longer felt the guidance of the heavens. It was then that I realized I had fallen. Though I may have fallen from grace, and turned my back on whatever the heavens had planned for me, I have my own goals now.

That goal is one of leadership, I will win great battles that bards will sing about, and in doing so, I will become an example to inspire others. I am always alert for any and all threats against this goal, as represented by the Unblinking Eye that has become the symbol of my oath. A mighty orc war chief by the name of Pla’ke Hol’ar is one such threat. He and his ilk stand to overrun and destroy the country I fought for, the country I nearly died for, and I will not allow that. For now I must gather my strength for the inevitable confrontation with him.

My greed knows no bounds, be it fame, gems, women, or servants, it’s never enough. I will gather all that I can, and more in my quest to defeat Pla’ke Hol’ar and then I will take all that was his. His lands, his treasure, his people, they will all be mine and my country will be safe. I will not allow anyone to threaten what is mine.

Varius Torakiir

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