Ta'lin Vemarre

Music Loving Scholar


Her large dark blue angular eyes, delicate facial features, and long, lean stature give Ta’lin an air of fragility. She generally keeps her medium length hair down. When her ears are covered with her hair she can usually pass for human though when someone looks closely, something about her eyes and the angle of her face betrays her elven lineage. She has plain black leathers that she wears on the road. and can usually be seen carrying her beloved lute as well as scrolls and pencils to write down new songs & stories.


“I live for the thrill of discovery and the joy one finds when enthralled in a beautiful song or tale.”

Ta’lin was born in Il’Valiran. Her mother Marnie was a house maid for the Vemarre’s who are a wealthy elven family. The youngest son, Desmond, took a liking to Marnie. They fell in love quickly and their affair was a poorly kept family secret. The Vemarre patriarch detested the fact that his son was involved with a human but Desmond’s kind hearted mother convinced him to let the couple be together. His father finally consented but he absolutely refused to allow them to marry. He would not have a human be an official part of their family.

Marnie and Ta’lin were forced to live in the servant’s quarters of the estate and as the half elf grew, she was expected to perform servant duties with her mother. Desmond would visit the pair as frequently as his schedule would allow. She was generally a quiet child. She tried her best to go about her duties unnoticed because the other children around the household would often tease her for being a half breed and illegitimate to boot. When Ta’lin was five, Desmond started giving her fencing lessons. He believed that this would help boost her confidence.

Her love of music was obvious early on and she showed a talent for singing and story telling. Her mother loves to say that she sang before she could speak. She also found peace in reading old tomes in the estate library where she would often hide to avoid her work. At age nine her father gave her a beautiful lute decorated with carvings depicting Ta’lin’s favorite story of the goddess Ranayla. She took to playing it like a fish takes to water and within weeks had learned to play all her favorite songs. Every night she would regail the other servants with songs and a story or two after the evening meal.

When she came of age, Ta’lin left the employ of the Vemarre’s and went to the local university to better hone her bardic craft. Her father discreetly sends her stipends to help with fees but she is able to pay most of her way on her own by entertaining patrons every night in taverns. Her local popularity began to rise to the point where admirers of her talent would follow her from venue to venue. Though she can be boisterous and outgoing while performing, her true nature is much more subdued. She hopes one day to be able to travel the world to find inspiration for new songs and maybe weave a tale or two from her own experiences that will be passed throughout the ages.

Ta'lin Vemarre

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