Re'aza Silverwing

Lt. in the Royal Watch


Re’aza Silverwing is a loyal member of the King’s Royal Watch. Growing up in the city of Il’Valiran, she started her career as part of the City Watch. Her unflinching loyalty to the laws of the city and uncompromising moral compass was often a sore spot with the city watch commanders, especially when she was involved in exposing a racketeering scandal involving fellow guardsmen. While it made her vastly unpopular among other watchmen, the royal guard took notice of her and promoted her into the watch. Here, she served as a primary guard to the kings young daughter Silvinia. After another 3 years of spotless duty, she was once again promoted by the Royal Watch, the kingdoms nationwide law enforcement. Here, she was known as the terror to all criminals in Il’Valiran. Her operations were notable for taking down underground gambling rings, thieves guilds, and solving a very high profile murder that involved the son of a baron. Recently, she has been assigned the disappearances of several children from local villages around Il’Valiran. This investigation led to the lands of the Knight, Sir Dario Freedmont, a dark man with a nasty reputation. After she lead her men to the keep of Sir Freedmont, she was directed to an abandoned keep to the west. In route to the keep, her entire unit was slain when they were set upon by an Orc ambush. She awoke in the abandoned keep, in the very chamber where the bones of all the children she was looking for piled around her. She suffered several days of torture, before she was freed by the rogue Jobin. She, knows that Dario set her up, and agreed to return with Jobin and his party to Sir Dario’s keep.

She now waits and plans for the moment to bring Dario Freedmont to Justice.


Re'aza Silverwing

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