Ozukar, the Magnificent

A Small Sage with Big Dreams


A curious little wizard with bright eyes and a sly grin, Ozukar is a gnome who’s true potential is dwarfed only by his own ambition. A thirst for knowledge lies barely contained behind his cheerful demeanor, but such is not unheard of amongst his kind. A lover of good food, friendly games, and rousing stories, Ozukar’s personality is every inch as colorful as his appearance: hair a shade of lavender, eyes the hue of mint, and a hodgepodge robe of colorful red and blue stonesilk.

His mannerisms and outlandish attire rarely allow him to blend in with a crowd, a trait which at times both helps and hinders the work of a sage’s apprentice. Time alone will tell if the small mage with the big heart can survive and grow in the vast world of Ether.


“Life, like a fine meal, tastes better when shared.”

“Knowledge itself is the great treasure.”

-phrases recorded from conversations with Ozukar “Glimmerwick” Delaque, the great Sage’s Apprentice.

The “Glimmerwicks” of clan Delaque are typically librarians, book traders, linguists, and researchers. The nickname comes from their fondness of and constant reliance upon candles for reading light. Ozukar first discovered his innate magical talent when he accidentally ignited every candle in the clan’s own storeroom simultaneously, an act which nearly burned down their ancestral library.

The great library of clan Delaque, nestled within the seaside town of Desdan’s Peace, did in fact survive the incident…. but it was clear to everyone in the clan that Ozukar would need to leave until he could learn to control his abilites, for the safety of the books themselves. “Ozzie the Outcast” was given a few provisions and shipped out on a cart to the capital city of Ill’Valiran, there to study under one of the grand sages of the well. Marrig Hillbourne, the somber dwarf wizard who bears the title of Grand Sage of Abjuration, took him under his wing and has been instructing him in the ways of magic suppression.

This training has alleviated the problematic symptoms of Ozukar’s native talent with evocation magic, resulting in considerably less collateral damage when he is involved. For his part, Ozukar tries to heed his master’s teachings and respects him deeply, but he does find the path of an abjurer to be somewhat lackluster. “Magic is dangerous, you must learn to fear and respect it,” the dwarf would say, but Oz just wants to make the world brighter. He sneaks in every opportunity he can to showcase his abilites, which occasionally results in unforseen trouble… but also sometimes results in unforseen fun, and friendships.

Ozukar, the Magnificent

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