Marnie Graves

Ta'lin's mother


Long hair so black it looks to almost have a navy blue sheen in the sunlight. Dark blue eyes and fair skin compliment the human woman well. Her stature is small (5’3") and curvy.


Marnie is a serving maid at the estate house of the elven Vemarre family. She came from a very poor family and was the eldest of eight children. Sometimes, desperate people would “give” their children to certain rich families to work as servants in exchange for a sum of money. Marnie was part of one of these transactions and at age 14 she was sent to the Vemarre estate. She did not question her parent’s decision. In fact she was happy to help alleviate some of the burden for her parents. She saw little of the head family and did her best to keep her head down and not bother anyone of importance.

The youngest son, Desmond, would frequent the servant’s quarters to talk business with the head servants. By the time she was 17 she noticed that his visits were far more frequent. After concluding business, her would usually sit around the cooking fire where she would prepare the servant meals and ask her to sing for him for he knew she had a lovely voice. After some time, their friendly visits turned into a forbidden courtship. Meeting in secret, Marnie and Desmond stole what few moments of intimacy they could. After 2 years of hiding, Marnie became pregnant. To her surprise, Desmond was elated. Fortunately thanks to the Matriarch, Marnie was allowed to keep her position. Their daughter Ta’lin was the light of their world from the moment she was born. Marnie worried for her daughter, knowing the life ahead of her would likely not be an easy one. They tried their best to raise their little girl with confidence and a strong sense of self-worth despite the taunting from the other household children. Marnie instilled in her the joy of song at an early age and was so proud when Ta’lin became a student at the Bard’s College.

Almost 30 years later Marnie and Desmond are still very much in love. Even though she is nearing 50 years old, her hair is still a lustrous raven black and the fine wrinkles on her face only seem to enhance her wizened beauty.

Marnie Graves

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