Ignis Magnias "Magni" Stoneshaper 2nd

Stoic and Kind North man with an air of secrecy


Ignis Magnias “Magni” Stoneshaper the 2nd. Fourth son of of Ignis Raguna Stoneshaper, second son of Petra Ironflayer. Third child of Valia Mistrunner, fifth child of Cherce Wyrmskin. Youngest of eight. Youngest blood brother to Vargus Stoneshaper the Indomitable. Half brother to Gradian and Knahdir Ironflayer, the Wyrm culler and Axe biter. Half brother to Tristess, Birani, Ahcella and Opaline Wyrmskin, The lion heart, Crazy fang, and Wing cutter. Like Magni, Opaline has not yet earned a title in the clan through accolades or deeds.

Magni was born in the highlands of Gruntyl and even though he was expected, he was not welcome by most of his family. His father, Ignis decided to give him his name for some reason. Something ran through his mind the day that he was born and he thought that this new child may have some sort of potential that his other children did not. His mother, Petra was not too welcoming to Magni as he was a premature birth and he was severely underweight. Petra was the kind of woman that wanted only the strongest children to be born from her. The other mothers, Valia and Cherce disagreed with Petra but it was common for the three to quarrel. Valia knew that every child did not need to be born with a sword in hand and a taste for battle as her two sons were proof of that as they were not the strongest, but much wiser than the eldest son Vargus. Cherce saw potential in Magni and took to him more than his own mother, seeing something others could not. In turn, Petra gave her new son over to Cherce. “Then you can nurse the whelp to health since you see merit in this tiny body. I for one will not waste my energy on him.”

Cherce was more than happy to wet nurse the child as she had been more of the motherly type than Valia or Petra and had successfully wet nursed Knahdir due to a problem with his own nursing mother. Many of his new siblings did not take to his small frame too kindly while others did. Vargus, his true blood brother did not appear friendly to the idea of having a blood brother. This is turn, made him strive to become the strongest warrior in his tribe. Magni’s other brothers followed suit, though they chose their own paths to walk down. Gradian, taking up the longbow and longsword while Knahdir took the path of a weapons master, honing his skills with every weapon he could. Of his sisters, only two truly loved him like family. Tristess and Opaline came to love and care for him and would protect him whenever they could from the terrors of his siblings. Ahcella was indifferent on the matter of the child, she thought that he merited more study but she would not put forth a great deal of energy into the matter. Birani however, hated the child with a passion and would bully Magni whenever she could get away with not being scolded by Cherce. Petra encouraged the behavior however so nothing ever would change this habit.

Six years had passed and the small infant had turned into a still small framed child. Shy and timid beyond reason due to the constant assaults by his siblings. Tristess did her best to guard the child from “glancing” blows during weapon practice but she could not parry every sword swing. Magni was not the strongest, so it took all of his strength to hold up even the lightest sword in the armory. As fate would have it, one sparring match would decide his life from then on. He was to spar with his second eldest sister, Birani, who at the age of thirteen had already earned her title. Birani the “Crazy Fang.” She had went out to hunt some of the local fauna of the highlands, but instead encountered a deranged wolf, gray as ash and eyes that no longer were of this world. It attacked her and broke her spear, but she did not give it an inch. She fought the wolf with literal tooth and nail and managed to break off a fang before the wolf retreated back into the mist from whence it came. She wore the fang during her sparring session with Magni and it seemed to increase her prowess with a sword beyond normal measures. Magni had no chance of winning in the match. Tristess called out to stop the match, but her father Ignis curtailed her shouts and told the two to continue to spar. Ignis watched his son closely, hoping to see a spark of potential in his body after six years of conditioning, but nothing. Magni was beaten, bloodied, bruised and with a final sword slap to the face, Magni was knocked to the ground, crying in his own pool of blood.

His father stood over him in disappointment “I had high hopes for you…how could you be the fruit of my loins?” His own mother scoffed in his direction while Tristess and Opaline were being held back by Vargus. He knew better than to try and intervene right now, regardless of how much he disliked his blood kin. Laughter ran rampant throughout the training grounds. Children, young adults and full grown adults tore his small world apart with cutting words. Birani stabbed her sword into the ground and scoffed as she paraded around the ring, hollering to the crowd. She turned around and smirked. “You truly are worthless aren’t you? You can’t do anything for yourself can you? You always had to have those two bitches at your side and the gods you pray to, to protect you. Well not anymore. You are in my ring now and your hel. Hope the whores you call sisters like seeing you sniveling and bloodied because they haven’t taught you a damned thing about being a man! I’ve got tits and can bear a child and yet I am still more of a man than you’ll ever be!” Hearing this made something inside Magni fill up with not only anger, but some type of power he had never felt before. He stumbled trying to stand up, the crowd laughing at him. He grabbed his sword shaking, as Birani laughed. “Ha! So you still haven’t learned your lesson yet have you whelp!? What do you think boys and girls? Should I teach this pup a lesson in when to stay down…permanently?” Birani had turned her head to the left to look to the crowd and for her fathers approval but unknowable to her, a power had been filling Magni’s body and had been focused into his small sword that only a few were aware of.

Magni screamed at the top of his lungs which caught the crowd off guard as he rushed towards Birani. As she was turning her head back to the fight that she thought had ended, the young boy lept into the air and aimed his sword right for Birani’s head, landing a cutting blow that flayed her from under her right eye, across her nose and slicing through her left eye. The teenage Birani let out a scream of pain the likes that no one had heard as she dropped to ground cursing. Magni stood poised over his own sister in a bloody, blind rage like a monster. He raised his sword and began to focus his energies into the blade, a clear sheen could be seen on the blade now and one person who had made their way through the crowd watched intently, waiting. Magni screamed out one last time as he lifted his blade on high. The unknown person rushed the scene and before Magni’s blade could sever the head of Birani, the sword crashed down on the person’s bracer, drawing blood that rained over Birani’s hair, mixing in with dirt and her own blood. “That is enough young one.”

After the strike, Magni began to loose his focus and became increasingly weary until he could no longer hold his sword, dropping it and falling into the hooded person’s arms. They picked him up and turned towards Ignis. “I suggest that you find a healer for your daughter Ignis. She may loose much more than her eye today if you are not careful. I will be at your home waiting.” Ignis gathered his screaming child and took her to the nearest healer and then headed for his home. The person who had brought Magni home was being screamed at by Petra for some unknown reason but ignored her all the same. “Ignis. Did you happen to see what your son did on the field?” “Yes Omalia, it seems my child has a gift that none of my other children possess.” “He has been touched Ignis. The boy pulsated with the divine for a moment. You know what must be done Ignis.” The father nodded “Take him then. Maybe you can make him into a suitable member of the tribe. Even if he just ends up like one of your priests. It would be better than Birani coming back and cutting his head off in the middle of the night.” “I am glad you understand Ignis. Your child was no longer yours from the moment he enchanted his blade with the divine. He is now the child of Selova.”

The hooded woman named Omalia took Magni from his home that day and with aid of a horse, took him on a weeks journey through the highlands until he came to a monastery built into a mountain. “Welcome to your new home Magni, son of Selova.”
For roughly twenty years, Magni undertook the training of the blessed. He trained under many men and women of the cloth and instead of harboring hatred and lust for battle like some of his other siblings, he instead found the path of a priest of war. One that would protect his allies on the field of battle, not behind the oaken doors of a chapel. When he finally came back to his tribesman, he was quickly seen in another light by his kith and kin. A priest of their gods was held in higher standards as a conduit to the divine, though some of his family still cast an ill shadow towards him. His brothers and sisters all making headway with the clans and surrounding tribes and even Opaline had earned her own moniker now, the “Vermillion Bastion.”

Magni wanted to see his family but he knew that it would more than likely be a halfhearted welcome for the most part, so he decided that it would be best if he were to remain with the shamans of the tribe, spending his time healing the sick and tending to the wounded. Though from time to time a messenger from his monastery would come to the tribe, seeking Magni’s aid and just his and he would venture off for a few days to maybe a week at a time. To the shamans and the tribe, it was a duty of his, being blessed by Selova to embark on any mission that the monastery would have him do.

As Magni grew older, he would learn more and more of the terrors of living in the north lands. Orcish raiders who would try to plunder nearby towns and even other human tribes who would be forced to try and steal what they had to either appease the orc hordes or just to sate their own hunger. When he was asked, he would join the front lines with his kith and kin, holding back the teeth of the orcs. That was where he met her, a woman from one of the neighboring tribes who had come to fight. She had long dark brown hair that was braided on one side, a scar down her left eye and dark ruby lips, almost like they had been painted with the blood of her enemies. It wasn’t long before the two saw more and more of each other on the battle field, fighting along side one another, Magni being saved by her runic great axe and the woman being saved from near blood loss with his prayers. He learned that her name was Linali Frostmane, 3rd daughter of Ferozi Frostmane and 3rd daughter of Gwinith Windcutter. 7013b00e2ad8ba907f7c979018d69f20.jpg

To spare the agonizing details, the two would harbor feelings for one another, though none of them would act on their urges at first. At times they would secretly sneak away from their tents or huts during the night and find one another amongst the snow and forests in a small remote place. They would talk till the morning came or just be with one another for the night, huddled under a thick fur blanket made for two. Over the course of several more years, they developed a secret relationship. The reason for this, most if not all Shamans of Magni’s tribe were to be celibate to help keep themselves in a pure state, some fearing that if they were of a profane nature then the connection to their gods would become weaker. They had kept their relationship hidden for so long, that this had put strain on both of them, mentally and physically. Linali had asked Magni what he thought about the idea of both of them eloping without the shamans knowing? “You could come live in my tribe. None of our Shamans harbor the same thought that all of their priests should be of a celibate nature. We could be together finally. Not just in this pup love state Magni.” Magni had thought long and hard about this idea, and he was going to gather his things and make his way to the tribes to the north east where Linali called home. He looked to her and gave her a symbol of his love and virtue that would only remain to her, a simple brass ring he had made and she in turn gave him one as well, one that she had said would never tarnish.

The next day, Magni had gathered most of his belongings and was nearly ready for his departure from the temple. That was, until other forces began to muster. Omalia, the hooded woman who had brought him to the monastery had confronted him. “Ignis, the monastery needs your assistance. It is of dire urgency.” With a heavy heart, he could not turn his back on the monastery but he couldn’t turn his back on Linali. She knew he had a duty to uphold and knew that he had to leave from time to time. He scrawled a letter to Linali and told Omalia “Go take this to the northern tribes. A woman named Linali Frostmane, you will deliver this to her in my stead. This one is simple yes? Shouldn’t take me more than a month and I will be back. After that…you take me out of the Sanctum.” Omalia snickered “I’ll deliver your love note, but you must realize Ignis…you are in far too deep now. Don’t you think you would just be putting her in even more danger than just orcs and barbarians? Think about that long and hard before you go off thinking with your dick.” Magni grabbed a few of his things that he would need for his journey. “Deliver the message for me please and I am not. If I was, I would have had eight children by now like my father.” Magni left his tribe and traveled south east, on a journey that unknowingly would change his life’s course forever.


Ignis Magnias "Magni" Stoneshaper 2nd

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