Gnawl Trollsbane

The Outlander


Rough green skin, battered and scared from battles. A large tribal tattoo covering the left side of his face. A trolls skull with a hammer and sword crossed behind it. Light blue eyes soft and not angry like most orcs. His hair is held back in a ronin like knot. He is well build from his constant training. His mind is sharpened not overly bright but well mannered and decent speaking; still not good with a pen, or reading written word however.


Gnawl, the second son of Drell-Sen Trollsbane. From a young age he was taught the meaning of pride and glory through his name. The meaning of war and tactics. His father molded him into a warrior for his tribe and made sure he was no idiot.

As Gnawl grew his teaching of pride stuck the hardest. When he fought it was in the name of the tribe. He wanted to spread his father’s tribe name as much as he could. Bringing honor and glory to his name. Drell-Sen knew where to place any of his children or other orcs of the tribe. He placed Gnawl in charge of a Marauder group. Skirmish attacks for food and goods that they didn’t hunt or gather for themselves.

-The disappearance of Gnawl.

During a war between the Trollsbane tribe and a religious zealot group known as the wizards of the red hand in service to some popular God. Gnawl landed the winning skirmish but during the battle broke one of the head mages artifacts and caused a catastrophic explosion that zapped Gnawl into the world of Esper.

The Death of Gnawl…

During a dungeon dive of ancient elven ruins they encountered many traps and dark creatures. They all fought their hardest in the dungeon to see the light of day again. After battling with a Ogre and a Troll (something Gnawl had to kill to up hold his name) they were all basically spent, but on a gut feeling that there wasn’t much left to this place Gnawl and the group pressed on. Their last encounter was that of vampires. Gnawl had never had to fight such furious undead. Seeing his party growing weak from fighting these deadly creatures he did everything he could to try and kill the vampires to save his friends. But it wasn’t enough. His concern for his friends distracted him long enough that a vampire got one good bite in. It latched to his neck, sucked his blood almost dry then ripped out the rest of his flesh from his throat. From there the darkness took him. Blackened were his veins and his once bright blue eyes.

His allies gathered important keep sake’s from his body and burned him. A warriors burial. At his head his trusted friend Oz left an apple. The perfect apple with the final words: “I saved the biggest one for last big guy.” With that Tal’in soon came to tear. So ends the journey of The Outsider: Gnawl Trollsbane. 13th son of Drell-Sen Trollsbane.

Gnawl Trollsbane

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