Drevin Freedmont

Ranger(Bounty Hunter)


Little is known about Drevin Freedmont, other than he is a bounty hunter that usually always gets his pray. He also favors the contracts that allow him to bring his bounty back dead rather than alive. As he is often heard saying. “It’s easier to bring a head in a sack back than drag someone in chains.” Of course, this often means he is after the most vicious and murderous bastards around, which doesn’t seem to phase him that much. He has a very, no non-sense, demeanor about him, and does not tolerate anyone trying to pull one over on him. He has an intense personality and once you cross him, you are forever in his bad books. But, if you are up front and straight forward, he will grace you with a little bit of respect and in the long run, maybe friendship.

It is often rumored, but not confirmed that he is the brother of Sir Dario Freedmont, Vassel Lord of the small hamlet Freedmont’s Peace. When ask, he neither confirms nor denies his semi-noble status.


Drevin Freedmont

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