Desmond Vemarre

Ta'lin's father and third son of House Vemarre


Desmond is tall and lean with pale blond hair cropped short to keep his vision clear when fencing. His large pale green are angled and his facial features are sharp and fairly pointed. He can usually be seen wearing a more casual style of coat, pants and a comfortable shirt with his rapier strapped to his side.


Desmond is an outspoken and kind-hearted elf. He has a large soft spot for humans despite his father’s attempts to ingrain a hatred for races other than his own. He is the youngest and most free-spirited of the three brothers of the Vemarre main family. He acts as a liaison for his father and a spokesman for the many servants of the household. He is an accomplished fencer and passed his skills to his half-elf daughter, Ta’lin.

Many years ago, Desmond fell in love with a human servant named Marnie. Though forbidden to marry by his father, they stayed together and had a duaghter. He doted on Ta’lin, giving her gifts and allowing her to be taught as if she were a member of the family and not a “half-breed bastard” as his father and eldest brother referred to her. Even though Marnie is now middle aged, Desmond stays faithfully by her side and his love has never faltered.

Desmond Vemarre

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