Astrid Firstborn

Legionnaire Captain


Astrid was born the first born child to a Weaver in Stuldar’s Hold. She was strong willed, and always took to martial skills over her Father’s more softer touch. When she was 6, her parents birthed another child. She was sad, knowing that the child would be taken from her parents and her when she reached her 6 birthday. Her sister, was a soft-spoken child who was skilled with the loom from an early age. Seeing the love her parents had for her sister, and knowing, she was not what her parents had wanted, on the day of the great gathering of children, when her sister was about to be taken away by the local Storm Lord, she volunteered herself, and gave up her right of firstborn. The Storm Lord, agreed, and marked her sister with the firstborn brand and shipped Astrid off to the Path of the Lost.

It was there, that she was inducted into the Legion of The Dust. She has taken the surname of Firstborn, to remind her of the sacrifice she made, for her families happiness and because she is one of very few legionaries that have the Dwarven first born brand on her left shoulder. She is a tough soldier, loyal to a fault, She has recently been promoted to Captain, after serving as a Lt. under Jerick, before he retired.

Astrid Firstborn

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