Wandering Thoughts

A post by Mirage

So much…in one evening. Head unclear as she makes her way back to her chamber. Catching a glimpse of her hands still stained with the blood of the monstrous black dragonborn. She wanted…craved his death since the day that……

Her thought trails off…mother. The image of the beautiful raven haired woman appeared. Talesma. How did i not see? Shes here! Shes… Mirages thoughts wander as she walks into her chamber. Piece by piece she gently removes the torn remenence of the glistening evening sky sarape that Oz had so beautifully enchanted. Oz….i am sorry….for the dress…and what you had to bare witness to. I know you dont understand..

As she crosses to where her dusty coat lay she sees a new set of the same sarape as she had been wearing…but without the evening sky, along side near her bed a small basin with fresh towels, the boiling water had the aroma of perfumed oils…as if someone knew she was to come back. Looking around but seeing, nor sensing anyone, she dips her bloodsoaked hands into the water. she sees that in an instant the stains were gone, no odor of fresh death to remain. The water very soothing to the touch as it was the perfect warmth for her liking. Feeling a bit more at ease as she washes away any remenence of the Dragonborn’s demise….her thoughts trail off once more. Images of warm, inviting golden eyes as she stares towards the garden…seeing a fun diplay of dancing and play among the servants. Her heartbeat starts to quicken as she remembers in the market his tall presence behind her and his sweet whispers. The smell of flowers as he passed by, her breathe deepens as the memories sweep over her like the warm damp towel down her neck to her arms.

Her thoughts turn once more to her mother…concern. What was that blade? Why did Wailan want for me use it? I couldn’t focus. She could sense a darkness within, calling to her, enticing her to bathe it in blood. She will never forget this feeling. Magni whispering to Mirage along with Tal’lin’s words urging her not to use it. Something is not right….Her suspicious thoughts turn to Wailan who presented the blade, but immediately back to her mother. She used the blade to strike Vahiir down…but i gave the final blows…what residual effect could this blade have on Talesma?

As Mirage wraps the new fresh garmemt around herself, not quite as well as Tal’lin as it seems to hang a bit loose, leaving a slight bit of exposure to her scarred skin. She looks down at her now clean hand. She can still feel the warmth of his hand gently enclosing over hers. The feeling of comfort soothing her rage. Is this what prevented her from losing control? But in the end she did, she chose Vahiir’s fate. that of Death. His well deserved justice for her sister, and many of the other tortured murdered slaves. Feeling the same familiar warmth in her cheeks, she recalls Magni’s whispers, his soft pleas to seek revenge by the same enslavement other than death. But by then the rage had taken over…bering witness to the same acrid breath befall Magni as did Mirahna…though Magni physically untouched, this was enough to send her over the edge. Although she had enough will to avoid using the dark blade, she still ultimately took Vahiir’s life. The maddening fury behind each swip as the images of her sister’s fate returned making her rage even deeper within her soul until his final breath.

Her head starts pounding as these images return. So much…this evening. But her thought trail off once more to the garden..the pounding at ease soon replaced by her quickening heartbeat once more as her hand finds the necklace around her neck. Her warm cheeks heightened with a soft smile in anticipation. As she steps towards her chamber door….“am i worthy of his golden eyes?”


Rainwolf001 Finalstrike

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