The Worlds End.

In the ever after.

His hands softly touching the grasses as the bright ethereal sun shined its rejuvenating light upon his face, Magni felt at peace. He was in a field of tall grasses and flowers, ever rolling light hills and in the distance upon a mountain top, lay the towers of his goddess. These lands promised adventure everlasting, peace, love, and whatever his heart desired. Still, within, was a slight doubt, having left the friends behind that he had sworn to protect, but his fate had been sealed, his life stolen by the evil Evelina, and his faith and guidance had been rewarded by a place at Selova’s table. He was with the fair maiden of light, in the loving embrace of the mother of adventure, and he was promised an eternity of happiness and bliss.

As Magni walked among the flowers, he recognized the tall slender but muscular frame of his goddess, her blonde tresses of hair braided to her waist, framing a heart shaped face. She strode toward him, so graceful that her walk seamed like gliding, barely causing the grasses or flowers to bend. A light shown around her, bright, almost a second sun, but not blinding to his eyes, which locked on the face of his goddess. As she came upon him, without a word, she gave him a motherly embrace, enfolding him in her serenity, washing away the little doubts that had still remained, and without a word, he understood that he had made her proud.

Slowly, the world started to fade, the edges growing fuzzy and indistinct, the fields of flowers and grasses starting to roll away from him, leaving him in gray mist. But, Selova still embraced him, trying to hold on to one of her children. Her melodic voice whispered in his ear, a language he did not know, but could understand, ancient powerful.

“We do not have much time, my child. You have served me with honor and faith unparalleled from any. You have been the highest of my children, and your words have brought my light into the hearts of many, through your example. Even your companions, who may serve other gods, hold me in their heart because of your example. But, I can not keep you hear, though I wish only to give to you what you deserve. My sister’s powers are vast, having escaped her realm and fully entered the mortal plane, she now controls the direct untapped power of the well of magic. No longer does the veil of the afterlife block her powers. No longer does she have to follow the rules that are placed upon us deities. She does not have to work through proxies, giving our godly powers to those who serve us. She can act directly, her vast powers are now fully unleashed.”

She pulls back from the embrace, a vast sadness falling across her beautiful face as she looks deeply into Magni’s eyes. “She hates you most of all. For, not only are you my most faithful servant and she could not sway you, even by the pain she inflicted upon you. So she would deny you your only desire. She would keep you away from me. Even now she calls your soul back to your body. She would deny you your very reward of afterlife. But, before you depart, I will give you one last gift. Although you have served me with your voice and are being taken from me. I will send you with on last gift. You will no longer serve me with the voice, but know you will be my sword and shield. The warrior of my faith. Your duty will not be to spread my kindness, but to protect others and seek out those who would threaten it.”

She reached up, her fingers touching his forehead. Memories flooding into his mind. Memories of several warriors. Paladins. In his mind he was still Magni, but he was also Thoruk, Hendri Reckthorson., and many others. Magni’s mind was still his, but he was combined, enhanced with the many memories of many warriors from years past. A melding on memories. But, Magni realized that, these were not separate people, but people he had been before. His soul having been from one body to the next. He he realized. His faith is about this. Adventure is always moving forward, and thus, even though he would revel in his goddesses grace after death, life was a new adventure and eventually he had chosen to return to the living throughout the years. The final revelation went all the way back to the beginning. To his first life, and the forging of his soul. Before Selova had ascended into being a goddess. She was a beautiful shield-maiden, and she had a son. And Magni had been that boy. Magni had been Ignis Selovason.

The mist thickened and he felt himself being pulled away from his true mother.


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