The Revelation!

Odistly sat quietly across the ancient desk from his sister, feeling like a boy again, about to be lectured or worse. His sister was an intimidating woman, her lithe form trained to the edge of perfection, a panther ready to strike. In many ways, she was a drow out of time, recalling back to the ancient matriarchal society his people had once followed, her regal stance seeming superior than those around her. This was offset by her actions, as the bookworm of the family, Odistlo had always relied on his intellect to solve many problems but his brother had always picked on him ruthlessly, his sister often coming to his aid.

Now he felt small again, about to be talked down to, telling him to stop getting him into situations he could not handle, her warning that she would not always be around to pull him out of trouble. She sat for a long time, shuffling through papers on the desk, seeming agitated, and maybe concerned about something. It seemed odd to him, he had never seen her so frazzled, and he noticed that she would occasionally steal glimpses of him through her paperwork. After a bit, she finally stopped the constant shuffling and drawing forth a piece of paper and putting it in front of him.

“I need you to sign this, Oddie?” She said, her voice nervous, a slight edge to it.

Odistlo, not looking at the paperwork, cracked a nervous smile, his suave nature still holding despite his consternation. “What now, are you making me sign my own arrest warrant.” his voice smooth.

She looked at him sharply, looking about to get angry before she caught herself, something guilty crossing her face. “No, this is an order taking full responsibility for Ardutyna, after she is released of the Geas that binds her. Because of the Dusk Blades, unique skill set and training, The Empress has decreed that while they are being given their freedom, such an introduction into normal society might be shocking and dangerous for them and the rest of society, so they are now being required to serve 6 years in the Grand Dynasty Regiment, to serve but also be reestablished into society. As your representative, I have convinced her grace, to forgo this in Tyna’s case and have her directly placed in service to you, under you watch and protection, until time that you deem that she can be entered into society.” Ophelia, lifts an eyebrow, looking directly at him. “I pulled a lot of strings to get this drafted.”

Odistlo, slowly looked down at the paperwork, a look of confusion crossing his face. “I. . . I appreciate this, I do, but, I do not really feel qualified to reel in someone like her. She is very strong willed and doesn’t really like authority.”

Ophelia takes a deep breath, and mumbles to herself. When she looks at him, her face is rough and cracking. “Oddy, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we reviewed Tyna’s records, and her mother was already with child when Ranarran took her. Tyna is your daughter.”

The sly smile slipped from Odistlo’s mouth, shock replacing the cocky look. He stare at his sister in disbelief, feelings of loss of his old love, and deepening feelings of his brother’s betrayal fully forming in his mind. His voice cracked. “Not only did Ranarran destroy my life and take from me the only person I ever truly love. Not only did my inability to stand up to him and his twisted vile cult prevent me from living a life of happiness. But, he had to take away something from both Julia and me, and enslave it, and parade it in front of my face for years, knowing that he held that over me. I. I. . . I” his hands came to his face, tears leaking between them.

When his hands finally came free, rage was a fire across his features, a burning hatred, Ophelia had never seen this before on the studious and cocky Odistlo. “I was going to kill him. But, know, I will destroy him. I will turn his world and plans to dust in front of his eyes, and when he looks upon his ruined life, only then will I plunge my dagger into his heart.”

Ophelia came around the table, wrapping her arms around her youngest brother. “We will do this together. He has wronged you immeasurable, and he is a traitor to all we stand for, and together, he will answer for his crimes.”

Coming free from his siblings embrace, he bent low and signed the paperwork and straightened, and without so much as another word, walked from the room.


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