Smile Beneath The Scars

Sleeping under the Stars, Jerrick reflects on his life.

Dust fills all our graves…Jerrick is laying inside his bedroll having woken in the middle of the night. Tal’in is snuggled next to him as the stares at the night sky and it’s flickering stars.

The first words ever taught to a dust legionnaire, and often the last ones uttered about him…Jerrick voice shook saying those words aloud as he rose his left hand high into the moist night sky of spring. In the starlight he examined his hand; it’s fingers and hairs with mild curiosity having forgotten where many of his own scars even came from.

Jerrick rolled onto his side staring at Tal’in despite his bleary eyed fatigue he wondered to himself.What changed? Was it her?…or me?Jerrick thought to only a few weeks prior out on the road to the capital with Ozzie’s throat between his hands squeezing down to take the gnome as a hostage.Had she truly forgiven me? How could she if even I haven’t. If it hadn’t have been for Ink-Adrutyna… would I even be alive anymore?In the darkness Jerrick could still see the evidence of her tears and smudged make up from her night terrors earlier that night. Jerrick let out a long soft sigh.

After all I’ve done, after everyone whose died under me…how can she feel so safe near me?Jerrick turned away from her feeling the cold of he night wash over him for a moment.Or better yet, How could I have even told her? All she must think is how pitful this life I earned is…He looks over his shoulder at her closing his eyes before he takes in too many of her featuresPretty one like her? Heh probably just wanted to feel adored by someone and chose me… when the Cinderbrew works its way out she’ll remember how ugly this face of mine really is.”. Jerrick smiles somberly in the dark alone blinking back tears.

“And how could I blame her.” Jerrick hisses out a disappointed sigh bringing a hand to his scarred ugly face before breathing back in.Still… she’s the only person I’ve ever told. And twenty-seven years of war I’ve never seen someone like her…she deserves to live on, to make someone, anyone no…He works up the will to turn and face her one last time a truly proud smile on his face as he watches her sleeping only inches from him.Everyone, she needs to make everyone happier than they are now. I need to know something crawled out of that valley still good and decent… I’ve never felt more certain its in me than tonight.

Jerrick Pauses for a moment clearly wondering this next thoughtMaybe I owe that to her…maybe she brought it back Or gave it to me; either way it’s there… no denying it.

You’re gonna get me killed someday little lady. Hope you know that…Jerrick leaned in close to her kissing the crown of her head before scooting back to his position trying to find his way back to sleep a bittersweet smile on his lips as he whispers out one last thing.Just… be patient with me…please.


Rainwolf001 Loreun

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