Of Ashes and Cinder

The Sun shown bright in the sky, the birds sang to the beauty of the day, the insects called for mates, the road kicked no dust under Yuri ‘s feet this day. A day so beautiful to him. He was on his way back home, coming from the capital. A wagon towed by a healthy ox behind him, filled to the brim with goods.
“A beautiful day…” he says softly to himself or more so the ox.
He yearned for home. The sound of children playing near the roads, music playing, and laughter rolling like wild fire. The smell of his oven burning the freshly chopped hickory wood, the breads and meats cooked to perfection… the smell of his wife’s purfume. The touch of her soft hands. The glow of her green eyes… How he missed all these things. By the time he realized it, he had drifted into a daydream of all those things. Mainly his wife. Phillify. His focus returned to the soft grey fluff that landed on his cheek. He looked in the air, the sky had darkened to a dull grey and more grey puffs fell to him. He held out his hand to catch what fell. Ash soon piled in his hand. He kept his pace.
Soon Ash and cinders fell, gracing his face and body little by little. The smell of burning flesh soon filled the air, the sound of a racing heart all that can be heard. Worry sets to Yuri ‘s face as his pace turns to a fanatic run.
The picture of burning buildings sank hard to his eyes. Life extinguished from both his eyes and his village. Bodies lay on the cobblestone, charred, crawling, gasping, burning, burning, burning…
Yuri races to his loving home to find it aflame. Without thinking he charges in. He looks the best he can for his beloved. No where to be found. Only one place in his head could she be beside home. To the church he ran. Careless mind set to find her.
The church’s fire burned softly, the wood and building mostly charred black. Set aflame first. There he found her. Blackened bones cradling multiple piles of more blackened bones. The children clang to her. She did all she could to protect them. There he fell. His heart racing then brought to a stop. The sound of a beating heart all that could be heard. His screams silent, his tears running red. To his eyes she stood there burning. Staring at him. Nothing else existed. Her skin melting away piece by piece, flesh chard flaking to the ground. A burning hand grasping a necklace laced in silver in one hand, Yuri’s chin in the other.

“Why didn’t you save me Yuri? Why do I burn? WON’T YOU SAVE ME YURI ! SAVE ME!” Her voice warped and twisted, deep and demonic, twisting between screams and dialed tones.

In a cold sweat, drenching him. Head to toe. Yuri’s eyes open, scorching hot. A dagger in him hand, blood dripping from his arm. The phrase: Forgive me drawn in blood on the sheets. Tear stains his cheeks and a burning throat sting him. A single cough of ash from him. No more rest for the wicked. No more rest for him tonight. Now he waits to experience the dream once more. Over and over again…


Rainwolf001 DyingHelios

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