Diplomatic Relations


The God-Empress, sat in her high-backed chair, slightly shifting from time to time, the hard seat uncomfortable. The room she was in was drab, some grand hall of some kind, but devoid of the fine silks and tapestries she was akin to. Long wooden benches spread out before her, and she imagined them being full of people, laughing and enjoying a grand feast or banquet, a simple time of enjoyment.

She hated where she was at. Not the people or even the city, but the position she held over everyone’s lives. She knew the whispers in the street of the young Empress, the one who was trying to conquer their nation with violence and blood. She just wish she had had a choice. It was the Sight, her gift from Odyre, when she had been chosen as Odyre’s vessel. The Sight had shown her of the destructive forces working against her and the world and she had tried to reach out, to try and come together with these strange people to work together to prevent the releasing of such a terrible omen. But her representatives had been slaughtered, their bodies returned to her lands in barrels on a returning ship, a note attached that her help was not needed, implied to be delivered from the king of this land himself.

So she had chosen a course of war, to invade this country in hopes of saving their lives. She had acted rashly, not knowing the full betrayal that lay before her. Now, the information was coming to light, the king had never received her diplomats, and they were murdered to force this very invasion. She had played right into the hands of this shadowy enemy. An enemy, according to the papers received from that odd adventuring band, that was far more complex and reaching that she could never imagine. The papers showed a conspiracy that even involved people in her Dynasty, before this invasion ever took place. It was far reaching and impossible.

The center door creaked slightly as the her closest adviser Ophelia entered the room and started walking down the narrow corridor between the long benches. She approached the makeshift throne and feel to her knees, bending low till her head touched the stone floor. The God-Empress smiled with a touch of annoyance before her lilting voice came forth. “I have told you constantly, when we are alone, you do not have to bow in my presence, now rise.”

Ophelia quickly came to her feet, moving quickly to pull a small seat close to her liege, before seating. With a friendly smile, she looked at the young leader, before saying “It is the one thing I can do to disobey you, but still show the respect that I have.” She said with a wink.

The twelve year old Empress rolled her eyes, a sly grin crossing her face. “True, I guess, but it irks me that we spend so much time together but. . .never mind, what have you got for me today.”

Ophelia, not quite hiding her caring look for the child, starts going into the paper work, before pulling one up. “We should talk about the proposed peace treaty, I guess. I will be drafting a proposal to send to his regent in the morning, bright young woman. But, our agreement will state that, through a mutual bonding of matrimony to their young king, we shall release all nobles, retainers, and military prisoners into his jurisdiction. As well, we will ally with him for the purpose of seizing the capital city of Il’valiran, from the rebel Cabal that has seized it. For this purpose, we will utilize our current military resources deployed in this region, as well as the reserves that are still on our blockade ships in the harbor.” Ophelia takes a quick breath, before proceeding “In return, the Esperian Kingdom agrees to allow the undeterred and unmolested spread of your Immanence’s divine grace. also, in these terms, we will have an unhindered right to free trade with this nation, with the allowance of creating outposts for soldiers and clerics, to protect the rights of trade and the delivery of the holy word of Odyre. And for the fun stuff”

Ophelia takes a pause, and then continues “At the appropriate age, it shall be arranged to the consummate the marriage between their king and you. All attempt at the creation of an offspring shall be made. The child, from this union, will be thus, combined by both royal, holy, and lawful blood, be in rights to be complete heir to the Esperian Kingdom, and in the order of choosing for Odyre’s blessing.”

The God-Empress took in this information for a long time. Her face displaying an array of emotions. Eventually she turned to her adviser. “Is this. . . Jacob nice?” was the only thing she could ask.


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