Dangerous Meetings!

Talesma entered the grand council hall, taking in the wondrously open space once again, having been away from for an usually extended period this time. The massive open space circled by grand sculpted columns, cherubic angels, hellish demons, and spiraling dragons towards the top. From the outer ring descending to the center counsel floor was the circled teared terrace ways, acting as grand stair case and and also standing platform for the various wealthy merchants waiting to petition or just hoping to be seen in the presence of the great Merchant Councillors themselves.

She slowly moved down the stairs towards the base level, towards the great circular table where the Councillors were to meet. Before reaching halfway down though, a voice called out to her, which immediately made her tense. “Talesma, my dear. So long it has been since you deemed to grace us with your presence.”

Before turning around, she pasted a gracious smile on her face, forcing it in place with extreme fortitude. She turned to face the black scaled dragonborn, his tall and intimidating frame clothed in fine silks. “Vahiir, what a pleasure to see you. Yes, it has been long, but I could not vacation forever, and, as you know, duty calls.”

“Of course, I understand. You must have to work extra hard to keep a position on this council with your silly notion of paying all of your servants” his voice dripped with ooze, the smell of acidic breath wafting between his gleaming sharp teeth “But, you could always earn extra coin, if you decided to sell some of them, for I am always in need of good help.”

Bile welled up in Talesma’s throat, but through great effort she still kept the cordial smile on her lips, even slightly bowing her head in the slightest. “Now Vahiir, you know that I do not deal in slaves, and my business aspects lay elsewhere.” she looked, her eyes sparkling just a tad “And how would it look anyway, for me to sell to you, when you so recently let a slave escape after you killed and threw away another. That would be bad for my business. How goes the search for your lost slave.”

Vahiir’s slitted eyes narrowed and a look of disgust crossed his face, his black scales shifting in anger slightly. Tahesma’s smile widened, no longer fake, as she knew her jab had gotten under this vile creatures skin. His voice was low, almost a rasping growl as he continued “Talesma, it is unbecoming to talk of such things, and I warn you. . .”

WARN ME!” Talesma loudly interrupted “No, Vahiir, I came her to warn you. You are a vile creature and more akin to a weasel than the noble creature of you ancestry. You torture your slaves against are known accords, and your cruelty know no bounds. Until know you have not been censured because of you Councillor status. But, until now your crimes have been small. But, I have it on good authority that you hired a bounty hunter to follow your last prey, a bounty hunter whose body was discovered recently. So, not only did you fail to capture your quarry, but the bounty hunters body was discovered inside the Etherian Kingdom, breaking the peace accords we have laid out, that we would no longer carry out any slave activity in that nation. This information has also been relayed to their new young king, and his betrothed, an Empress in her own right who despises the slave trade. The information I have points to them sending an envoy directly her to ask for your censure.”

Vahiir stutters, his growl growing in his stomach, the look of violence on his face. “I should murder you were you stand you former slave bitch. You have no right to speak to me like this. I will ruin you.”

“No, my dear Vahiir, it is you who will be ruined.” a slow smile crossing her face. “But, for a price and with my contacts in the Esperian Kingdom, I may be able to convince the envoy that they need not come, and we could lesson your censure among the council to be a fine instead. You and I both know, should the envoy arrive, and you face public scrutiny, that the Over Judges of Fremest will get involves, and I know that you don’t want The Order going through your business records.”

Vahiir, his agitation apparent, finnaly speaks, his voice low but with the tinges of hate. “How much will it take?”

Talesma, her pointed smile never faltering, “First, you will forget that slave, as she is well out of your reach and concern. And second, you will deliver ten thousand platinum to my steward and ten percent of your crop yields for the next 3 years.” she, reaches into her bag, and pulls out a sheet of parchment. “The details of this arrangement are already here waiting for you mark, and the church will never know of your failure.”

Vahiir grabs the paper and briefly reads it, before violently pulling of his sigil ring and spitting acid upon it to burn into the paper. Handing it back to the tiefling bitch he does crack an evil smile. “One day, you will were chains again, and on that day, I will pay three times this amount so I can watch you burn alive in my gardens.”

Talesma, knowing his threat to be real, but not showing any sign of worry, gives Vahiir a slight wink. “Oh Vahiir, it’s unbecoming to be so angry after a business deal. Come, let’s go to the meeting so we can get this fine you will pay to the Council arranged. And do so with a smile, this day could of ended with you on a rack in the Pearled Temple.”

She move to the side of the massive Dragonborn, and to show her power, entwines her are through his, to lead him to the Council floor.


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